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9 Ways to Eat Healthy This Holiday Season

We all know that we should eat healthy food, but when the holidays arrive, all bets are off! The abundant treats associated with the holiday season can come with consequences. Using these tips so you can enjoy the season while watching your weight and staying healthy.

Smaller Quantities
If you eat generous portions, you will crave more food, and the spiral begins. Eat smaller portions of the holiday foods you love. Make it easy by filling up first on lean proteins, grains, veggies, and fruits.

Before the Party – Fill Up.
One workable tip is to eat before you go to a holiday get-together or party. You will be less likely to fill up on sugary, fatty treats, and still be able to enjoy a few!

Want Seconds? Wait.
You may not feel full after one helping of holiday food. If you wait ten minutes or more between servings, you may discover you are satisfied and can beat the overeating habit.

Cut Back on Alcoholic Beverages.
Most holiday parties include alcoholic beverages. If you drink less, you will consume fewer calories and are less likely to binge on holiday treats. One workable strategy is for every drink, consume one full glass of water.

Don’t Tempt Yourself
If your home is loaded with ice cream, cookies, pies, cakes or other sugary treats, it is almost impossible to avoid snacking. You can save yourself from consuming thousands of empty calories by changing your shopping habits. If you have leftovers, send them home with your friends rather than keeping treats at home.

Choose Home-Cooked over Commercial Processed Foods.
Many tasty commercially produced holiday treats are loaded with excess salt, sugar, and chemical additives. Home-cooked meals allow you to alter the ingredients, so they are more healthful, and allows you to be aware of what you are eating.

Eat Slowly.
Sitting down to a delicious holiday spread is part of the holidays. If you eat the food more slowly, you will eat less. Make the most of the time with conversation, while eating at a slow pace and you will discover you feel full much earlier than when you eat quickly.

The After-Dinner Walk Makes a Difference.
After dinner, make it a tradition to take an after-dinner walk. Everyone will enjoy it, and it triggers healthy digestion, and exercising after eating has been proven to improve physical health.

Forgive Yourself.
If you ate more sugary, fatty foods than you intended, don’t beat yourself up. Just cut back the next day, drink lots of water, and get back on track.

Your Health Insurance
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