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Here’s Why Your Company Should Not Overlook Group Dental Insurance

There is nothing employees love more than benefits and, among the most prized employer-provided benefits, are health and dental insurance. In fact, for some of the best employees, these benefits may be non-negotiable. Making dental insurance available to your employees can contribute to higher levels of employee satisfaction, with a positive impact on production.

The Importance of Offering Group Dental Insurance

There are several reasons why you should offer group dental insurance beyond achieving higher levels of employee satisfaction. Not only can it benefit your employees, but it can have profound secondary benefits to your business. Here are some reasons why you might want to add dental insurance to your employee benefits package:

  • Employees want it: The participation rate for dental benefits is generally quite high, indicating that this is a highly sought-after benefit. Given how important it is to employees, offering it can make your business more attractive to potential new hires.
  • A positive impact on employee health: Of course, it is given that offering dental insurance will promote good dental health for your employees. Additionally, those with dental insurance are less likely to develop certain health conditions associated with gum health, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Regularly scheduled dental visits can also uncover countless other health conditions in the early stages, when treatment is more successful.
  • Employees miss less work: Dental visits can be expensive without insurance, even just cleanings and exams. Many adults tend not to visit the dentist as often as they should due to cost. Unfortunately, this means they are more likely to develop more severe dental or oral complications, which results in taking time off work to resolve the problem.
  • Attract new employees: By offering this benefit, you can attract more employees, making your company far more competitive when it comes to attracting stars in your industry.
  • Controls the cost of group expenses: Group health insurance can be costly. However, when employees develop serious diseases, those costs can rise. The best way to manage these claims is to provide dental insurance, a strong incentive to maintain good oral health.

If you do not already offer dental insurance for your employees, adding this to your benefits package can be a great benefit to your employees and your business. The benefits it provides can far outweigh the costs, giving your business an edge in your industry when seeking high-quality employees and helping you retain the most valuable members of your team. Speak with one of our local insurance agents to customize your employee benefits package and keep the bottom line reasonable.

Find a Dental Insurance Plan That is Right for Your Business

As a business, it is important to be as appealing as possible for potential employees. Offering dental insurance can help you attract the best in the industry. If you are considering adding dental insurance to your employee benefits, connect with one of our insurance agents today to find the ideal type of policy.